In Celebration of the Sesquicentennial of Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church

I was asked, as the “new” pastor, to reflect on the future direction of the church.     I have been able to reflect on this future with some objectivity since I know so little about its past.     This, however, can have its disadvantages as well.

From the little I do know about its past, I know Wesley Chapel is a strong and faithful church that has served God well. For 150 years, God’s word through United Methodism has been proclaimed in the community surrounding this church. Many people have come to know God’s love and grace because of the people at Wesley Chapel.

The future of this church is also up to the people called United Methodists. We must first be in constant prayer and discernment of God’s will for Wesley Chapel. Our task is to make disciples and bring others to know the love and grace of Jesus Christ. The church needs to be intentional in its planning for the future and that is its first and foremost task to accomplish. Then, as we begin to make disciples, we will also want to truly be disciples; sharing that joy that comes from knowing Jesus in a personal relationship. We need to make opportunities available to people for service to others, for engaging and meaningful Bible studies, for small group fellowship and study, and for compassionate action-filled, faith-based activities for all ages.

Church is so much core than just what happens on Sunday morning. The future of Wesley Chapel depends on all believers rallying around the cause of Christ and focusing on taking church into the world ─ beginning right here in northern Stanly County.

I look forward to serving this wonderful community of committed Christian believers as we go into a future directed by God and as we serve with compassion a world that is searching for the hope that is found in our Savior, Jesus the Christ.